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Wega Coffee Machine Repairs in Canberra

In busy hospitality establishments, a coffee machine is an essential tool of the trade. Your business simply can’t afford to have a coffee machine on the blink.

PV Coffee Technician offer services that will save loads of stress for your coffee shop, cafe or restaurant - not to mention the mental health of your customers!

Our experienced coffee machine technicians are available to come to your business to give your coffee machine a tune-up. By regularly servicing your industry coffee machine, you ensure that it stays in top working order for years to come. You also ensure it will provide piping hot, delicious coffee with consistency.

How often should you service a Wega coffee machine?

Coffee machine service repairs for Wega should be taken out at least once a year. Very busy businesses, with coffee machines being used often, could also benefit from getting their coffee machine servicing every 9 months.


Where to find Wega Service Repairs Canberra based

PV Coffee Technician makes it easy to keep on your grind. We will come to your business to attend to your Wega espresso machine or grinder as you need. Our experienced team are trained to fix and service all Italian coffee machines. We can assist with the entire Wega range, from the traditional semiautomatic machines to the newer electronic models with software installed.

When should the blades on a Wega coffee grinder be replaced?

If you use Wega grinders you should replace the blades every 3 to 4 years. The right time to replace your grinder blades will depend on usage and upkeep of your grinder. Read on and find out the warning signs for blade replacement.

How to tell if the blades on a coffee grinder need replacing

When working well, a coffee grinder will crush the beans to exactly the desired consistency. But faulty grinders start to rip the beans apart instead, affecting the flavour and feel or your coffee. By looking out for the warning signs, you can ensure you get exactly the right grind.

If you notice that the texture of your grind is getting inconsistent in size, or contains white specks, the blades need replacing. Call PV Coffee Technician to come and take a look.

Schedule your Wega coffee machine repairs Canberra based

Coffee machine servicing should be done regularly to avoid stressful malfunctions and trade interruptions.

Get in touch today to keep your Wega running smoothly - PV Coffee Technician will be there ASAP.

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