I am

Paul Villella

Maybe it's because of my Italian blood, but nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing commercial coffee machines and grinders perform at their best.

So, after more than 13 years in the coffee machine repair industry, I started my own business as a coffee machine technician for Canberra commercial coffee providers. My mission is to provide exceptional service to the Canberra coffee industry.

As a coffee lover, I understand the importance of top-quality coffee served on a constant basis from Canberra's cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Why your coffee shop needs PV Coffee Technician

Coffee machines, especially espresso machines, play an important role in providing high-quality coffee to your customers. A faulty or malfunctioning coffee machine (or grinder) will adversely affect your coffee business.

Whether the problem is with the electrics, temperature control, leakage, noise or other issues, you can depend on me to get your machine working like new again.

The importance of regular servicing for preventative maintenance cannot be stressed enough when it comes to my passion for coffee-making machines. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your machinery is operating at its best and can save you money on costly repairs.

On-site service

With our specially equipped van, PV Coffee Technician is able to provide service, maintenance, and repairs right at your premises. Or, for more complex and detailed work, customers can bring their machines to our fully equipped in-house workshop.

Which commercial coffee machine brands do we repair?

We repair and service all models of commercial coffee machines from the world’s leading brands:

• La Marzocco
• San Marino
• Wega
• La Cimbali
• Mazzer
• Ubermilk
• Sanremo

We also repair and service coffee grinders.

If your coffee machine is repairable and parts are still available, we can repair it! Regardless of whether it is a traditional coffee machine or a coffee vending machine.

Call us today

We at PV Coffee Technician believe that quality coffee machines deserve top-notch service. Call us today, and discover why Canberra coffee shops appreciate our coffee machine technicians.


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