La Cimbali Service Repairs

La Cimbali Service Repairs

Coffee is the staple source of income for many hospitality businesses. If your industry relies on serving steaming lattes and quality espresso, you need to take care of your coffee machine.

PV Coffee Technician can come to you for any coffee machine repairs or maintenance. We service all sorts of makes, models, machines and brands, including the La Cimbali range.

Getting your La Cimbali coffee machine serviced has never been simpler with PV Coffee Technician. Get in touch to find out if you need a tune-up today.

La Cimbali Service Repairs Canberra

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, extensive knowledge base, and making things easier for our customer, including:

-Coffee repairs at your business. We come to you to repair your machine at a time that’s convenient for you, so you can keep the coffee flowing for your customers.

-Extensive machine knowledge. PV Coffee Technician can repair and service all types of La Cimbali machines, from the vintage makes to the newer electronic models.

How often should you get a La Cimbali coffee machine serviced?

La Cimbali coffee machines have a long history, so the frequency of your coffee machine maintenance will depend on your make and model.

A general rule of thumb for coffee machine servicing and repairs is to get it done at least once a year. If your machine is very busy or perhaps on the older side, you can ensure it continues to create delicious coffee by getting servicing around every nine months.

When should you replace the blades on a La Cimbali coffee grinder?

The right time to replace the grinder burrs on a La Cimbali grinder will generally vary according to the demands placed upon your machine.

In general, it is a good idea to replace coffee grinder blades between every three to four years.

Not sure if your coffee grinder burrs need replacing? The warning signs that indicate it might be time for a replacement include an inconsistent texture and white specks in your grind.

Warning signs for blunt coffee grinder blades

-White specks. The white specks mean the grinder is no longer crushing your beans, but ripping them apart instead, ruining flavour and mouthfeel.

-Inconsistent grind. This means inconsistent quality control on your coffee - which no hospitality business needs.

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PV Coffee Technician are on hand and available to come to your Canberra coffee machine rescue.

Contact us to make sure your coffee machine service repairs are planned and prioritised.

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